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Located in Trpejca village, Villa Trpe is only 30 minutes drive from the center of Ohrid. Far enough from the city noise, but close enough to all the special events in Ohrid.


TrpejcaA�village will fascinate you with its vivid environment and an amazing, traditional atmosphere. It is an old fishing settlement situated along the shore of Ohrid Lake, in the bosom of the delightful Mountain Galichica. With around 300 permanent residents, Trpejca offers you an intimacy like no other place on the Earth. Surrounded by hills and mountains, this is a must visit location for all the hiking lovers and adventurers.

Near the village, you can notice a peaceful and rural life. The view of the lake shines before you, and creates a stairway of sun rays, just like in a fairytale. When you come to the lake, you will be amazed by the pearl beach and a crystal clear water pleasant for swimming.

The village is around ten centuries old. Therefore, it is a mix of traditional dwellings and modern houses. People in this community are amiable and hospitable, which is a reason more why should you visit it. Late afternoons in Trpejca creates a unique atmosphere. The astonishing view of the sunset will make you fall in love with this marvelous village.

Villa Trpe

Positioned on Southwest side of the Trpejca, Villa Trpe is just a few meters away from the irresistible beautiful lake. Due to the distance from the main road, in the villa prevail piece and quiet. The only sounds present are the sounds of nature.

Villa Trpe is a 3-floor building with a reception and 9 apartments located on the east and west side of the house. Our apartments with a perfect view of the Ohrid Lake, offer you the highest level of comfort while creating your wonderful memories during your vacation. No matter where you will choose to stay at Villa Trpe, the extraordinary beauty of nature in locality Trpejca will overtake you. Also, spacious, bright layouts and kindly amenities enhanced with contemporary decor and design will impress you even more. You will be captivated by the incredible beauty & wonder that Villa Trpe has to offer.

Let the vivid colors of nature, traditional architectural sights, and unique beauty of Ohrid bring you to a whole new level of tranquility & experience. Get inspired to experience this amazing melting pot of peace, beauty, and nature with a dash of old world Macedonian traditions. Wake up to the sounds of birds only a few meters from the crystal clear Ohrid lake. Do not let them tell you our story, visit Villa Trpe and write your story.